Information For Emergencies

Radio Broadcasts

Nevis Radio will carry bulletins at roughly ten minute intervals between 7.00 am and 8.00 am and Lochbroom FM at quarter-hour intervals between 7.15 am and 8.45 am.

Adverse weather conditions, failure of electricity supply, loss of water etc.

All families will be contacted by telephone and asked to ensure that children are collected from the building at their convenience. No pupil will be permitted to leave without permission from a member of their family to so do, or until they have been collected by a responsible, designated adult.

Medical Alert

In the case of Medical Alert advice from the Medical Authorities will be sought and acted upon, likely procedures for the dismissal of children being as above.

Major Emergency

Should a major emergency occur pupils will be evacuated to Morar Garage showroom where access to a telephone and fax machine is available. Calls to the Emergency Planning Officer and Emergency Services can be made and parents can be informed.